CSS jQuery

HTML and CSS artwork

This is a very simple tool that lets users create artwork based on absolutely positioned HTML elements.   See the Pen gveJz by Dylan Hildenbrand (@Dilden) on CodePen.

jQuery Parallax

Scrolling Shadows

This plugin is derived from the same idea that was posted here, except in a much simpler form and using HTML5 to control the shadow attributes. The jQuery looks like this: The HTML:


Live shadow effects on an element

So I got this idea while I was working on a site that used some parallax effects. I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to be able to change the box-shadow on an element as you scroll past it?” It would give the illusion of the users point of view being a light source that was […]

Plugins WordPress

Edit Hopper

The purpose of this plugin is to allow WordPress admin’s to more easily navigate through child and parent pages. This plugin will create a widget in the WordPress admin interface on a Page Edit screen. It will show any child or parent pages and allow you to navigate to those pages by simply clicking the […]